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Our approach of blending fundamental research and quantitative techniques is truly unique. We use a proprietary rating that helps us identify opportunities around the globe and avoid risks. We are not only risk-aware at all times but our process itself is designed to manage risk.

We Are


Our portfolio managers have years of experience in research and portfolio management through different market cycles. The investment team members bring complementary skills as economist, quantitative researcher and experienced institutional portfolio manager. Our boutique culture promotes independent thinking, discussion and debate. Our investment decisions are collective.

We Have

Comprehensive process

Our proprietary leading economic index rates the investment environment in 30 countries around the globe. Our portfolio construction method varies and adapts with current macroeconomic environment. We aim to follow a systematic, evidence based approach to minimize behavioral biases. Our process is driven by research and qualitative judgments that are based on convergence across multiple analyses.

We Emphasize

Risk management

Our extensive approach to risk management uses the proprietary leading economic index as a baseline for portfolio allocation. Scenario analysis leads our unique event-based risk management while advanced statistical techniques are used for dynamic volatility adjustment. Our goal is to manage downside by continuously managing those risks that are currently relevant.

Our goal

Provide Diversification 2.0 to your portfolio

We seek a Convex solution to a Concave problem for most traditional alternatives, which are limited to Diversification 1.0.

Convex vs Concave
About us

We are proud of our deep and experienced team

Saumen Chattopadhyay, CFA

Saumen Chattopadhyay, CFA
Chief Investment Officer
MCom, MBA, FCA, CPA, CFA® charterholder
20+ years in the industry
10+ years in portfolio management

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Sonu Varghese, PhD

Sonu Varghese, PhD
Director of Research
10+ years in quantitative research
Expertise in risk management

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Levi Roethler

Levi Roethler
Economic Analyst Intern at US Dept. of Treasury
Economic Policy Intern at US Dept. of State, Berlin

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 Our investment strategy

A Dynamic Global Macro strategy designed to select countries with investment opportunities and reject countries with potential risks.

Our blog

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We are always thinking about economy and markets. We regularly write about current investment topics and whitepapers. Our posts highlight our analytical approach to investment decision making and risk management.

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